exhibiting restaurant for kids aged 6-14 | Seilbahn Komperdell | 2013

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opening : 08.12.2013

The ski region Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is known for welcoming families, over the years it has developed many facilities and programs for their young guests to enjoy their ski-holidays. To do this the local cable car company Seilbahn Komperdell works closely with the whole region and the Skischule Serfaus. Their latest innovation is a new way of hosting the ski-school kids for lunch, which entails a lot of logistics and a lot of space, as up to 2000 trays have to be served in a period of 2 hours. For more than a year many creative heads (see credits) have worked together to make this possible, together they created the STARREST SERFAUS: It is a prototype of its genre, the *coolest kids restaurant of the alps*.

The curator and I joined the team during the last 6 months. Together we defined the core topics the children and teenagers should learn, and assigned a space to each one of them. Based on this the team created the overall scenography, interior design, color-scheme, etc.

The SNOW TECH room tells about how much technology is necessary to create a slope, the FREE STYLE arena also serves for the weekly award ceremony. The SNOW CASTLE is a little magic place, where you learn about the the composition of snow and what kind of animals live under it. Next comes a whole area dedicated to the history of skiing, the TIME WARP: A ski cyclone was inspired by the forces of wind and weather in the mountains, but also of what avalanches do to ski lodges. The GATE evokes the most actual and future topics: high-tech equipment and ecological skiing. The RACE ROOMs tell about ski-sport-technics and fun sport. AUFI AUFI (Austrian for up-up) is dedicated to the many ways of getting up a mountain, it also hosts the food carousel.

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– Seilbahn Komperdell GmbH | Serfaus –

curator : Lisa Noggler
architect : Hannes Hotz
light concept : Franz Stark
illustrations : Kimmo Grabherr

marketing strategy : Ursula Weixlbaumer-Norz
food concept : Peter Grander

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maringorama-starrest-serfaus-plansnow techmaringorama-starrest-serfaus-moodsmaringorama-starrest-serfaus-drawingmaringorama-starrest-serfaus-IMG_2440