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props : 3D : illustrations : websites : animations : CAD

a historic roll of smarties was made for the feature film hurensohn, something that
could be viagra played a small roll in silentium, heaven needed a fake cigarette pack,
and for komm süsser tod i had to invent 2 ambulance troups.

row 2 and 3 show different stages of my prep work for ainoa,
row 4 links you to 2 websites i made for friends in the music business.

row 5 is kinds of work: the sheep was done in 1997 for the fachschaft architekTUR,
2 years later someone made 30.000 stickers of it, and it was plastered all over vienna:
of course we won the students representatives election :)
the cheesy house i did for fun, the crystals were for a design competition tyles with strass.