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Vielleicht in einem anderen Leben

09. feature film. 100 min

] epo-film

The plot develops during the last days of World War 2, in April 1945. Our film was almost entirely shot on location in Passendorf, Lower Austria, which we had to catapult 60 years back through time: We took down electric cables, covered the streets with 100m3 of earth, we hid "too modern" houses and windows behind old looking facades, we cut down trees and bushes, planted a small field, and we painted the whole village twice (first to weather it down, then to make it look like 2009 again).
The only fully constructed set was the outside of the shed, which we burnt down for the film.

Passendorf offered a wonderful basic set structure along with some wonderful people living their, who endured all changes and shooting discomforts with curious and welcoming hearts. We were even allowed to transform an empty farm house next to the church into a tavern (including ripping out a window and tearing down a wall inside) which they now use for their village meetings. THANK YOU GUYS :)

assistant: Elisabeth Kisela

prop master: Peter Ecker

stand by prop: Nina Steinbach

construction manager: Fritz Martan

constructions: Gerhard Dohr, Christian Binder, Peter Dörflinger, Martin Groß, Philipp Martan

painters: Franz Essler, Franz Gebetsberger, Matthias Schwaiger

art department driver: Robert Buvari


helping hands: Natacha Dinguirard, Franz Gieler, Kurt Gettinger, Erwin Reininger, Franz Kitzler, Erwin Reininger, Julian Reininger, Erwin Stöger

earth moving: Christoph Schneider

carpentry (shed): Benno Müller

director: Elisabeth Scharang

dop: Jean-Claude Larrieu

costumes: Margit Salzinger

make-up: Monika Fischer-Vorauer

sfx: Joe Joachim